I was born as a Sri Lankan. I had an appetency about music since my childhood. Then, I used to play the guitar and the keyboard as my life adjacent hobby. There after I was learned various music instruments and there operation practically, as a young beginner. Therein I could associate lot kind of instruments such as guitar, synthesizer, keys and midi instruments. For the last five years I got my entrance the music sector along various coefficients as a singer, player and lyricist. And also I got some experience about drama music. In the mean time I am working as a sound engineer and sound designer for adducing my creations to the society. Further I am working as a music producer, mixer and mastered in my owned WAVE PARK studio. I could award a lot of popular songs for my fans through that. It caused for my ample satisfaction and I proud about that.
“There isn’t anything to protect, into distracting thing, hence” Lahiru Sandeep